Wealth Management Designed Around You

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Your Needs Drive Our Relationship And Advice

In a fast-changing world, you need to keep a close eye on your financial affairs. Without a comprehensive process and policy for managing your financial affairs, you may not know if you can realistically expect to retire comfortably, support your children’s educational needs, or achieve your other financial goals. We believe at Northeastern Star Asset Management, Inc., our professionals have the expertise to confront these challenges. We have the knowledge and experience to:

  • Develop a financial plan around your goals and objectives
  • Align your portfolio with your financial goals and needs
  • Select suitable investments mindful of your risk tolerance
  • Rebalance and reposition your portfolio as markets fluctuate
  • Develop a detailed plan that can provide you income in retirement
  • Monitor your progress in adhering to your plan

We base our advice on your long-term goals and objectives and we are actively monitoring the markets and watching over your money. By checking your portfolio’s performance against your financial goals, we focus our management on those goals to help achieve what’s most important to you.

Wealth Management

If there is one thing that the last few years have shown us, it is that markets are unpredictable, and guiding your portfolio through turbulent times requires experience, patience and vigilant management.


Financial Planning

No matter how many computer simulations you run, the only thing you can know for sure about your financial plan is that there is no such thing as a crystal ball. 


Retirement Planning

A secure retirement may not be your only financial goal, but it’s probably the most important one. At Northeastern Star Asset Management, we seek to help get you there.